Philine van den Hul is a visual enthusiast and instinctive designer born in The Netherlands.

Philine van den Hul started her artistic career through the creation of dimensional and optical drawings which primarily incorporated lines and repetitions, a consequence of her strong architectural interest. Over the years, she’s developed upon her early techniques and has shifted her focus to 3-dimensional work, including her popular geometric wall sculptures carefully created with a single thread. With her new work, Philine hints at a return to her early work, playing with dimension on a flat surface and optical illusions. By experimenting with a variety of textiles and layering them she achieved a simple, yet highly intriguing look. The organic shapes that come forth from the shading and motion of the textiles invite the observer to take a closer look.

On the contrast she is searching for romance using her photographic and stylistic eye. The all-encompassing nature of existence may manifest itself even more clearly in her photography. Where she uses only analog photo medium to challenge the world of artificial vision and fastness of images.

She is based in The Hague, but also operates frequently from Rotterdam and Milan.
Philine works on different personal and commissioned projects.

*currently in The Hague, The Netherlands*

+31 (0)6 10 63 71 77

Represented by ‘Assembled by Root

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